Food chain - Traceability from field to fork

We all know that farmers and consumers are the two main groups on Earth responsible for and using sustainable managed and healthy food, clear water and clean air as well as have an environment that also keeps healthy.


ICT will allow to close the gap between farmer and consumer. This will not only increase the quality, allow a better communication and understanding but also increase farmers income and decrease consumers costs on sustainable managed and high quality food. Today in Europe, I think similar will be global, the farmers gets on average of all products € 1,-- and the consumer pays € 10,--. This we have to change and in parallel to increase the quality and in parallel decrease health costs as health is – beside all the important work of doctors – build on a fundament of sustainable managed healthy food, clean and clear water, fresh air and a minimum effort on movement. We need new models for linking farmers and consumers together.


We have new concepts to setup such models, please ask us, it will benefit farmers and the entire population.


The setup will support farmers, consumers and will beside food, also allow to produce and sell handicraft work as well as produce services for increasing commons and for the benefit of the entire population.

Landscape Management

Farmers can work in a cleared landscape or support a picturesque and ecological powerful landscape creating many services and benefits linked to it.

Buffering Carbon

Farmers and foresters can buffer carbon! Around 50% of the humus or of the stocking wood is carbon and if you sit on a wooden chair, you sit on 50% carbon of the volume. If this chair is of highest quality many generation will sit on this carbon. In the meantime outside in the forest several generations of wood will grow and again produce oxygen and buffer carbon!

Farmers meet Consumers

High quality of food needs the link between farmers and consumers – with traceability, well organized logistics, new sales concepts that support farmers and consumers and a link between both sides for better communication including state of the art ICT-models and virtual shops, Logistics, Education, etc.


A franchised base model is ready. If interrested contact us