Animal Modules

Together with partners we are able to organize for entire countries also the use of ear tags for animal tracing – ear tags with or without RFID possible – , Technlogy includes geo-fencing, precise traceability and use sensors that give feedback of the CFM (= Circular Flow Management), that means the detail understanding about nutrients for the body of the animal, for the production of meat or milk, what of it goes through the stomach and becomes manure (= wasted money and unhealthy too) and lands as N-rich and stinking liquid manure on the field where the farmer just bought before lots of NPK fertilizer with high costs that the crops become bigger but contains mainly water and no micronutrients anymore as they disappear from our fields together with the humus. It is a must to optimize the entire process, not only a single element driven by marketing and sales.


New technologies are available and already intensive used, ask us for details only.

Healthy Animals

We can optimize the „use“ of animals – partly we maximize the use already – and have to take into consideration the „CFM – Circular Flow Model“ that shows us the entire process including the – to be valuated - commons.


CFM – the Circular Flow Model - takes into consideration the entire process of feed – milk/meat/wool etc. – manure (and nutrient balance at the animal) – deposit on the field – plant growth – harvest result (and nutrient balance on the field). We have to optimize the entire process!


We also have to take into consideration that what we can NOT measure today might nevertheless be an important factor for human´s or nature´s health: E.g. meat quality after long distance transport and slaughtering, fruit and vegetable quality after sucking out soils of micronutrients and restoring only NPK etc.