During the last 15 years PROGIS has installed worldwide in more than 40 countries around (1) 4.000 WinGIS Systems, hundreds of (2) Forest Management Systems in Austria mainly, thousands of (3) DokuPlant Farm management installations mainly in Germany, Slovakia and 5 more countries, (4) logistics runs in Germany at the Machine Cooperatives within the largest food factory in Europe ten-thousands of farmers linked managed by 35 Cooperatives and (5) Land consolidation is implemented at the Lower Austrian Government and was developed with them together.


This brought us today to a situation that we are able to offer entire country solutions as from GIS (WinGIS), DokuPlant and ForestOffice (Farm- and/or Forest Management), Logistics that allows the stakeholder integration incl. traceability, rural road networks, mobile devices with mobGIS etc., EnvirOffice for environmental caretaking and natural risk management and last but not least our powerful SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows the integration of WinGIS or parts of it in nearly any application. With this country solutions we developed also lots of new tools for technology integration as well as stakeholder-cooperation- and new business-models that reflect the needs not only of the farmers but also of the entire chain. Region- or country-licenses round off the entire picture!


Cooperation with technology partners give us important and needed technologies that are as well state of the art and can be integrated and on top we are able to offer consultancy services if needed or cooperate in any case close with local experts.


Some of the projects we did during the last decade are shown in the following pages: