Land consolidation - shape the rural future

On top of all a land consolidation module is available, a job driven often by government agencies (in Austria: “Agrarbehörde”), optimizes the situation of a region in respect to infrastructure (water, roads, landscape etc.) as well as focusing on the optimized situation of the farmer´s fields.


The land consolidation module was developed together with the Lower Austrian governmental Agricultural Department and is part of the daily projects in any consolidation. PROGIS has the right to use this model on a global scale linked with consultancy services and also the integration of WinGIS and several apps.


The first software element enables with WinGIS to import the cadaster data for the representation of the real ownership situation. In parallel the infrastructure is embedded as there are roads, water networks, ponds, bushes etc. Then a valuation map according the quality of the soil is worked out that will be the fundament for the valuation of the different parcels or parts of it. Then the experts are enabled with the help of the GIS to change the ownership situation so that the different farmers get the situation of their fields in relation to the farm optimized and the correct values of the +/- are calculated. After a project is calculated all the farmers will negotiate the results and if all farmers agreed, the result is embedded by the agency into the ground-book.

Cadaster map

Sample of a cadaster map linked to the ground book and embedded into WinGIS

Soil map

Sample of a soil map developed after detailed soil investigation

old vs. new

Sample of the old situation and the new situation after detailed geodetic measurements and valuation of the different soil qualities