PROGIS is a combination of an ICT & Consultant Company that understands in detail all the processes around agriculture, forestry, the integrated chain management incl. logistics, topics like precise or smart farming, environment- and natural risk management and delivers also guidance, consultancy and technology. A cooperation model allows technology integration what means customers speak with one organization – PROGIS - and get the benefits of many technologies.


Agriculture: Farmers or group of farmers or entire countries are managed, with GIS and maps, farm-, forest-management, logistics, chain integration, precision farming, land consolidation etc.


Forestry: with GIS and forest maps based on ortho-images forest inventory system based on Relaskop-measurements and automatic stocking- or growth-calculation and the entire forest management is done.


Logistics: Integrates the entire chain from farmers, machines and drivers, suppliers and buyers, service providers and even banks or insurance companies if wanted to optimize all the processes with a trust center® in background.


Environment- and Risk-management: Farmers and foresters influence the environment and natural risks. Optimized model – planned and implemented with WinGIS and EnvirOffice – will create new services.


  • We know what we are talking about
  • We are farmers, foresters consultants and ICT people
  • We also take care of organizational tasks
  • We integrate all necessary technologies
  • We feel comfortable managing an entire chain or country


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