Foodie - Farm-Oriented Open Data In Europe

Context and objectives

The agriculture sector is of strategic importance for European society and economy. Due to its complexity, agri-food operators have to manage many different and heterogeneous sources of information. Agriculture requires collection, storage, sharing and analysis of large quantities of spatially and non-spatially referenced data.

These data flows currently present a hurdle to uptake of precision agriculture as the multitude of data models, formats, inter- faces and reference systems in use result in incompatibilities. In order to plan and make economically and environmen- tally sound decisions a combination and management of information is needed. read more

Impact and Expected Outcomes

  • Increase substantially the exploitation opportunities for open GI. Open GI data exchange could become via FOODIE easy as well as the governments will more and more understand that it is not their target to host data but to make them available that better decisions are done based on their data.
  • Facilitate market entry of new companies, and the development of innovative services. FOODIE will encourage SMEs to seize the novel business opportunities offered by FOODIE platform infrastructure and develop products... read more


FOODIE infrastructure and objectives will be realized by means of the resulting service platform hub, which will be demonstrated in three different pilot scenarios across Europe:

FOODIE Consortium

FOODIE Consortium is a well-balanced team encompassing research institutions, Large and SMEs, public bodies and organizations from seven different countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Spain and Turkey). Its multidisciplinary profile ensures the right synergy of skills and industrial scope, essential to this project.