WinGIS IDIMA - Pattern recognition from the very best

You want to know:

How many meadows?

How many trees?

How many rocks & stones?

How many roads?

How many bushes?

Within two seconds you know it with IDIMA


IDIMA stands for IDentification of IMAges, a new pattern recognition system with precise and fast working mathematical models behind that can be part of WINGIS – you also can use it standalone - and allows (1) to integrate images out of several sensors to create a new and better interpretable image, then (2) detect within this image in a second step the different structures / colors that an operator defines what they represent, e.g. bare field, meadow, different crops, needle or leave trees, bushes, stones, rocks or even weeds in a high resolution drone image.


The pattern recognition also will work to identify logs and their circular area to calculate the m³ of a truck load or even the m² of glass at a facade of a house. After detection the different structures are transferred into a WinGIS layer and automatically digitized to a result: m² of a specific structure on a layer. Your pictures, orthoimages, BING maps, Google maps or other aero-, drone- or satellite-images or plain images can be used or use the integrated and all 5-10 days upgraded EC Sentinel II images to see the changes – automatically and identify automatically what is ongoing, what is changing, how is the growth, what might happen etc. etc.


USE the intelligent and easy to use combination of BING + Sentinel + WinGIS + IDIMA. Your dreams become reality!

Eye vs Computer

The computer is able to identify patterns and colours better and faster then any eye.

Alpine Meadovs

How to identify the squaremeters of meadoves, trees, rocks & stones, roads, bushes, etc.

Pattern recognitive Results

The computer (1) restrucutres it from any sensors, (2) identifies the structures and (3) stores them in different layers and digitizes them automatically.


Use IDIMA for better understanding of your fields, forests, other landscape elements or of the contents of any other picture that gives within its colors and structures new information to you!