ForestOffice - forestmanagement and forestinventory on fingertips

The expert model for the forest is in Austria a growth table for the main tree-sorts based on absolute-yield-power (absolute values, e.g. yield power 9: 900 m³ gross-growth (wood + branches + bark) per ha in age 100 using 100% of the soil capacity, 8:800, 10: 1000m³ etc.). We can implement other classifications available from Ministries/scientific institutes or support also local teams, how to setup new growth tables for a region.


Based on are the technologies and local expert data forest inventories for single enterprises or for complete countries can be worked out and sustainable managed for the most important parameters as there are: tree-sorts available, yield power, m³/ha/yield-power and growth/yield-power (region) on different ages but also growth during past, growth prediction for the next decade, m³/age, reduction due to aging, average tree height, size per yield region, relation between height and absolute yield and many more. Based on the existing sorts and their forest stands, the actual and predicted future growth we will be able to work out the carbon situation for a stand and summarize data for regions or countries to analyze carbon sequestration situation: Carbon on the stand, carbon sequestration due to growth within time frame, summarize data for regions and even countries, this with the target that based on legal regulations a complete country could become carbon positive due to carbon sequestering in tons/ha/year in a region/country and this amount can be measured based on statistical measure points avoiding the need to do yearly countrywide measurements. This also can be done for agriculture and humus.


When the data finally are stored in cooperation with large IT providers within an Agro-Trust-Center®, if wanted - rules have been defined together with public and private bodies – that stakeholders incl. the farmers are sure that their data are not missused. If we try to split private ownership of land and ownership of the information of this piece of land, we start to destroy private ownership of land and our democratic principles that will end in a disaster.


ForestOffice has also WinGIS integrated and allows to integrate local maps but uses on the other hand global maps like Bing, Google, Yandex or Sentinel with 5-10 days update frequency or even newest laser-scan maps.


A good forest map contains the single elements with their size, the department- resp. management-zones, all the border-lines and border-stones, the road- and path-network etc. and must be able with the GIS support to generate different thematic map.


Age-map is one of the most important thematic maps that shows the different ages in groups of 20 years (0-20, 20-40, 40-60, 60-80, 80-100, 100+) in different colors. The forest inventory module enables all the variables to define according the local necessities. This is valid for all data to be collected from the ground (inclination, exposition, size (from GIS integrated), soil-class, stand quality, humidity etc.) or for the trees (sorts, bonitaet, growth degree (in relation to table), height and age etc.)


A search through the database can give you in few seconds a new map showing all your interested elements, e.g. where is which specific sorts in a specific age.