SDCC – SAFER Digital Country Consortium


SAFER  - Sustainable Agriculture Forestry Enviroment Riskmanagement

Rural areas are the main parts of most countries. Around the globe we have 13 billion km² land-area, 5 billion km² (39%) agro areas (1,4 arable, 0,1 permanent crops and 3,5 meadows), 4 billion (billions = German Milliarde (nine zeros) (31%) km² forest areas and around 4 billion km² (31%) the rest (desserts, glaciers, Alpine structures, villages, cities, roads-, other networks. With >7.3 billion (2018) population, we have 0,57 ha agro- and 0,71 ha forest- area/head, not too much! It means we must manage them under sustainability principles, must stop activities that destroys these areas and give responsibility strong to local people as only they can control main targets: „Economy and Ecology“.


For the optimized management and for the control of these areas we need to use best technologies for planning, management and control. Many technologies are available but split into many single elements managed by many different companies out of different countries. The target was to setup a SAFER DIGITAL COUNTRY CONSORTIUM with a group of companies that are able to deliver know how and technologies to plan, manage and control rural areas regionally, countrywide and globally.


More Information about SDCC and how to join the Consortium
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