An IT model that shows how large cooperatives can support and service their members

The BMR (HQ of the German “Maschinenringe” (Machine Cooperatives)) is an umbrella organization for the 250 single machine cooperatives with each around 1.000 farmer-members. The cooperatives organize the optimized use of agricultural machines and support farmers in farm management, help to organize work support, do contracts for their members with large organizations where farmers can deliver support allover the country etc.


We support them in (1) logistics, that means single cooperatives support their members that are linked with mobGIS to a central server station. The mobGIS gets contracts – where to do what – and the farmer get guidance with a map to the field, the central station gets update all 30 seconds with a flat-rate for mobile communication and knows where are all the machines. If the work is done, the central station gets a record what where has when been done and the color of the field on his screen turns. (2) Further with beginning 2017 is planned to offer WinGIS Lumen for all farmers so that they can look at the growth of their fields on a tablet with an update frequency of 5-10 days with the help of the new Sentinel II EC satellite and a calculated NDVI growth index. (3) The next product will be the upgrade to mobGIS so that every farmer can be linked to the logistics tool. If wanted a further upgrade (4) to DokuPlant and/or ForestOffice can be done for single farmers or as a service for groups of farmers.


This model shows how existing organizations can organize support for their members, beyond that in parallel also the industry (buyers and suppliers), banks and insurance companies or even the government can take part within a cooperative project with intelligent information management. Technology integration and stakeholder cooperation is the win-win concept behind hooked on top of intelligent and flexible software!