WinGIS  based sensor integration modules

Beside stakeholder cooperation, we need more and better technology integration, not only in agriculture, in general. Problem of today is also the sector-oriented work that in many cases does not allow the setup cross-sector or also cross-border solutions with the integration of varieties of sensors to setup IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.


The nature works as an integrated system and learning from the nature needs to upgrade our understanding of the methods of the nature – bio-economy, also represented by ICT solutions driven by bio-economic principles. Technology integration needs to have integrated technologies like ICT, GIS, GPS/dGPS, GPRS/UMTS, ortho-images, satellite images, precision farming technologies, laser scanning, mobile devices, smartphones, apps, ….; further we have to understand the background of information in relation to availability, accessibility, affordability, applicability, relevance, usefulness, timeliness, trustworthiness, appropriation by individuals and/or her/his community, making effective use of information etc.


With our technology you can integrate different third party technologies, if you need support we also can help to integrate them into WinGIS

Pessl Sensor

Since years, we cooperate with the Austrian company Pessl that produces meteorology- and soil-sensor technologies. To integrate them and make them part of regional / countrywide solutions will help all users – org-models for countrywide solutions including refinancing are available – to make meteorology- or soil-humidity information part of their decisions. Ask also for the newest NPK low cost sensor solutions!


WinGIS mobile = mobGIS

Install WinGIS as your mobile solution on a tablet PC that is enabled to run WinGIS 10 and benefit to get your information on any location; due to an intelligent set-up you are enabled to run an offline and/or online system depending on your local circumstances.


With partners we are able to support customers with the setup of labs with newest technologies equipped that enables them to measure precise soil, manure or feed as the needed fundamental data for enabling a circular flow management system to optimize economy and costs but also ecology and sustainability.