WinGIS Lumen -control the growth from your desk

The European Space Agency (ESA) has provided free and open access to Sentinel satellite data. Sentinel / Copernicus is an earth observation program operated by a partnership of the European Commission (EC), European Space Agency (ESA), and the European Environment Agency (EEA). The SENTINEL collaborative ground segment is intended to allow complementary access to SENTINEL data and/or to specific data products or distribution channels. It is composed of elements funded by third parties (i.e. from outside the ESA/EU Copernicus program) and provides the framework for international cooperation. The collaborative elements are expected to bring specialized solutions to further enhance the SENTINEL missions’ exploitation in various areas.


SENTINEL satellite data need to get professional interpretation. PROGIS has developed a new innovative and cost-effective specialized solution for deriving agrimetry from space for agriculture requirements. With this method, PROGIS can generate agri-metric maps, based on its powerful spatial engine WinGIS,  covering single farms, groups of farms or regions or really large areas by simultaneously using differential spectral bands from satellite.


The results provide to agricultural and natural resource management companies with valuable information suitable for planning, seeding, harvesting and exploration. Within an updated cycle of 5-10 days worldwide, the performance is controlled virtually in real time - for every field on the globe from your desk.

Orthoimage / LPIS Data

South of Villach, 30 cm Orthoimage. Direct access from WinGIS, globally available

NDVI Index - Region

The regional overview shows the situation of your fields compared with neighbouring fields

NDVI Index - Field

The local field NDVI-Index shows, in our sample,  differences of 40% within the field. There is lots of possibility to optimize with deep farming knowhow.

WinGIS Lumen gives you the growth of your field from your desk on fingertips and consists of

  1.  a tablet PC with 4 GB RAM (windows 10, 10 zoll display, 4 gb ram, min. 64 GB SSD oder HDD),
  2. a WINGIS LT software – a easy to learn and use GIS (Geografical Information System),
  3. access to global available BING maps (30cm orthoimage, EC-JRC certified for EC-West and US and 1-2 m satellite images worldwide) or other images (Yandex, Google, local available on request – speak with us:,
  4. access to worldwide available Sentinel II images with different sensors (LAUT LISTE) and a calculated NDVI Index that shows within a scale from -1 to +1 in colors the growth index of any landscape element (field, forest, city areas etc.) worldwide within an update-frequency of 5-10 days. This index will be the first precise information for your management zoning to better manage your areas.

If you want to have the history of your fields, regions, countries available and stored – also on cloud available - for being integrated into a video, please ORDER NOW!

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