AgriFuture Days 2019
Conference & Workshop

VENUE: Business Center/Parkhotel Villach
Moritschstrasse 2
9500 Villach
2 days Conference

AFD 2019 Program final
AgriFuture Day 2019 Program final.pdf
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Club of Ossiach and PROGIS are excited to announce the upcoming conference, organized on
25. October.2019 in Villach, Austria to focus on economic and ecologic solutions based on:

  • emergence/integration of thoughts/ common sense
  • state of the art technology support and
  • new business cooperation models.

Such solution is needed globally, great feedback and long-term know-how transfer is expected for all.


Key Topics include:

  • Technology, cooperation and integration models to support our globe facing existing economic   and ecologic problems.
  • Geomatics technology - daily global satellite images - new integral evaluation models for values regarding benefits and damage as well as emergent knowhow.
  • Nature always has economic benefits that must be countered by a potential danger of ecological damages. This overall model, an integral one, needs to be optimized.
  • Club of Ossiach accelerates the global education and SDCC (SAFER Digital Country Consortium) the cooperation needs.
  • Invitation of 200 Ministries of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment, Water, natural Risks, global from all continents to explain emergent solutions for everybody.
  • Invitation of 160 partner organisations from IPCC-Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change explaining possible and global solutions against climate change and other environmental problems

Bustrip on 26.October.2019

Art meeting in the Castle of Gmünd
Afternoon further discussion at Parkhotel Villach


Bustrip on 27.October.2019

Visit of the official FOR FOREST or to Lake Millstatt for a short meeting and visit
Afternoon discussion at Parkhotel Villach




VENUE: Hotel Kramer
Italienerstrasse 14
9500 Villach

Technology for economic + ecologic + damage-valuation for
SAFER Sustainable Agriculture Forestry Environment Risk-management
Presenter: DI Walter H. MAYER, PROGIS, ZT/SV/speaker(s):

  • GIS (Geografical Information System WinGIS) - WHERE – WHEN – WHAT – 25 y. and news
  • Raster (satellite-, drone-image), vector maps (cadastre, precision farming, soil, weather,…)
  • Historic information for a better future prognosis
  • Base date: agriculture, forestry, environment - local origin and local support needs
  • Database applications – standard and local adapted with SDK
  • Organizational needs for the different structures like farmers, Ministry, advisors, buyers, sellers, machine users, …..; regional farming and forestry methods incl: SAFER inventory
  • Cooperatives and new management methods to support all partners
  • Integration of emergent structures and benefits or collisions based on them
  • Economy and ecology targets under emergent topics
  • Economy and ecology valuation under integration of ecology balances
  • Ecology balance for entities, integrating to regions and even cross-border balances
  • The valuation model according the Austrian Civil-Engineer Chamber Code
  • Real value method, earning/income valuation and traffic worth/sales valuation
  • Legal environment and local differences and future needs
  • The global verification model
  • SAFER basic-data for all countries (195) - in total around 60.000 data like:
  • Land size, population, arable land, permanent crops, pastures/meadows, forests,
  • Development during last centuries, decades and agro land total, forest land total
  • Cost calculation for every land (5+% test, entire country) for images and IT solutions
  • Local data recording by local experts – timing, costs, methods
  • Local bonities (quality of land, kcal/ha or kg or t/ha) and verification method
  • as fundament for a  link to total new mathematical models for quality verification
  • and link to history data for a better future prognosis.
  • National economic data to verify the benefits
  • Income and cost calculation models for agro- and forest- management
  • Damage valuation for local, regional and entire countries
  • Real value reduction, soil value reduction
  • Earning reduction
  • Ecology valuation models
  • Ecology value reduction
  • Emergence methods to verify the entire situation
  • Compare damage valuation with country debts
  • Responsibility for damages and legal tasks
  • Solutions to solve it sustainable including values of ecology management
  • Industry-, person-, region-, country-, and cross-border balancing models
  • Legal framework to avoid damages without taking responsibilities into considerations
  • Statistical and mathematical future models with mathematical background and
  • New links between mathematic, geometry, geodesy, photogrammetry and a link to new
  • statistical models to support the precision for entire country valuation
  • Discussions and next steps for the setup of a global expert group!

Registration Closed

Venue Conference

Business Center/Parkhotel Villach

Moritschstrasse 2, 9500 Villach/Austria

Venue Workshop

Hotel Kramer
Italienerstrasse 14, 9500 Villach


Hotels in Villach for the Conference


- Hotel Kramer, Italienerstrasse 14, 9500 Villach,  Tel.: +43 4242 24953, (5 minutes walking distance to Conference)

- Hotel Holiday Inn, Europaplatz 1 - 2, 9500 Villach, Tel.:  +43 4242 22522,  (10 minutes walking distance to Conference)


Hotel Goldenes Lamm, Hauptplatz 1, 9500 Villach, Tel.: +43 4242 24105, (5 minutes walking distance to Conference)




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